MURAL Picture


I had to work with people in my art class and believe me this is a VERY hard task.
Ok I'll leave a little explaination of each of the sections on the mural because each has its own abstract meaning.

I've highlighted a few areas that are my favourites at the top and then at the bottom is a picture of the whole mural.
There are signs located above the mural and those are the topic of the mural.

Starting from left to right:

A light grey tone in the background with a gradual effect with a sun and moon (located to far right) signifying day and night.

Tree: The Tree of Life.
Blonde Haired girl, African American Male (grey sweater), and child: Signifying family and unity.
White male (blue sweater), and brown haired female: A Romeo and Juliet figure. Showing true love and compassion.
Male, and Female Egyptian: Egyptian is the goddess Ma'at. She is a protector. The two are showing optimism there are no eyes or anything on any of them because I only wanted to highlight features that were important like in this case the mouths which are there to show optimism.
Bull Figure and Winged person: The bull figure is the minitaur (spelling?) located in myths and the winged person comferting him is Hermes. I wanted to take myths and figures from history and bring them all together, so as it progresses you will see various different backgrounds of people. Hermes is comferting the minitaur while the minitaur is crying.
The two males shaking hands: This is the progicals son. Where the father still loved the son even though he had walked away from the father and he gave him his best robe. This is showing love.
(background) the eagle is done in native style and the eagle represents a messanger to the gods. A messanger that goes up in smoke to send the prayers of people to the gods.
The man with the Lions: This is Daniel in the Den of Lions. Daniel showed courage and this saved him. One of the topics that had to be represented was courage.
The two soldiers: They are being optimisic (one of the topics that had to be present). Again there are no eyes because I only accented features that I wanted to be dominant.
Mother: Again another reference to familiy.
Two men shaking hands: Psedion and Aeries shaking hands. These two gods, would not get along in the mythology so I put them putting their differences aside and actually being companions.
The two peope pushing the boulder: These two unlikely pair are working together and showing cooperation in order to finish a task. There is some story where this happeneds, but I cannot name it at the time lol.

Anyways I hope that description isn't too too long.
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