Steampunk Hades Picture

General: This is an attempt to show the greek pantheon in a massively weird light, while remaining internally consistent (in as much as they are). The theme chosen is Steam-punk, a genre in which the industrial revolution has stagnated.
Basis: In mythology, Hades is both the name of the underworld, as well as the lord of the underworld. In this case we deal with the figure, not the Modern portrayals of him generally depict something similar to Lucifer, due to the connection to “hell”. Of course, “hell” in the traditional sense is partly influenced by Hades. However, the greeks’ generally depict Hades as more of a patsy, being tricked by Zeus into being trapped in the underworld. I have instead chosen him to be portrayed as sad and naive. Fitting this into the Steam-punk theme, a small beggar boy. The flamethrower is a homage to the connections with hell. He is always upset because he’s lost something that is rather important to him. Is included because he can be portrayed more interestingly, despite not being in the pantheon.
References: Oliver Twist, an actual flamethrower, Chimney Sweepers
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