Sanguinus- Clan Profiles 4 Picture

Clan: Lamia
Aspect: The Snake
Role: Assassins
Symbolic Sin: Lust
Eye Color: Green
Background: A mostly female Vampire clan, the Lamia are skilled at seducing their victims, and their knowledge of poisons and extreme agility make them excellent assassins. Often used to infiltrate human kingdoms and kill prime targets, their reputation of being ruthless killers is well earned. Unlike the mostly non-religious clans of the empire, the Lamia worship their own deities, and base their methods of execution around them.

There was a point in time before I added the headband and toned down the hair a bit that she looked a LOT like Lady Gaga in the Poker Face video. Now she has more of a Cleopatra vibe going on. Makes sense considering how the traditional Lamia comes from Greek Mythology, and how much influence the two civilizations had on each other. I wanted to give the clans more distinct looks for when they're in their native lands, because I don't want every group of vampires to be a bunch of victorian aristocrats.

So far, Lamia=Egyptians, Strigoi= Medieval Knights, Guire= Lower Class Servants, and Voltaire= Merchants/aristocrats.

No name for the Matriach shown here either. Unlike the other ones so far I've yet to figure out what purpose she'll serve.
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