Chibi Karkadun Picture

Part of the set of chibi characters from our Burning Sands d&d game, my druid's animal companion/mount. He's a variety of desert dwelling herbivorous ungulate, kind of like a cross between an antelope, a wild donkey, and a camel. I figured i'd call them karkaduns, after the mythological persian species of rather bad-tempered desert-dwelling unicorn (probably based on the rhinoceros).
They're one of the few mammalian species that can survive in the wild on the desert planet. Maybe they can extract water from seeds, like a gerbil. They're somewhat of a sacred animal to the druids, who use the horns for ritual cups/instruments - a model to them of an animal who needs next to nothing to survive in extreme wilderness.
He has a name in druidic, but she calls him "old man", and he's generally pretty cranky but protective of her when he's not giving her the evil eye for whatever she's putting him through.
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