Other World Meme Set 1 Picture

These were all drawn on computer paper, with my Orthrus colored digitally, their relative sizes are shown here.

Normal My usual sketchy method of drawing. The anatomy is entirely intentional. I also have a bad habit of leaving off pupils. :\

Timeless River I actually went and watched the entire Steamboat Willie short for this. xD This was done uber fast because the style was so simple. And in sharpie, too. Suspenders inspired by Pete and his one strap suspenders.

Olympus Coliseum I couldn't figure out what I wanted to be and the only canine/feline beastie I thought fit was Cerberus. But honestly, I'm about as Cerberus as marshmallow fluff, but it was the best I could come up with. So I combo'd the Nemean lion and Cerberus from Hercules (to represent both the cat and the mutt origins of Zied) to form this Cerberus. But in the end I erased a head to make Orthrus, Cerberus' unpopular two-headed brother, who, incidentally, was also killed by Hercules in mythology.
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