Three Women Picture

110 x 80 cm
watercolor and ink on paper
March 19-21, 2013

I’m not a watercolor expert so I had to do quite a bit of experimentation before I could even do this. (It’s surprisingly difficult to make your painting look random without it also looking like a mess.) Still, I think it was worth it, even if there was some (a lot of) stress along the way.

This started out as a simple sketch of three female figures, which is the sort of thing I like to doodle when I need something to draw. However, in this case I felt there was something more to it than a simple doodle. After going through many gradual changes to the composition, I decided on three women mainly because it looks nice, but keeping in mind the groups of three that routinely appear in mythology and religion (the Norns, the Fates, and the Three Sisters, to start, but there are plenty trios of men as well). Red, Green, and Blue were chosen because they are the primary colors of light, and because I like the contrast of three bold, entirely different colors, corresponding with the fact that each woman is essentially the same but has key variations in body shape and position.
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