Collectia Unlimited Sketches10 Picture

Bug man is Reptile man's arch rival which I came up with, when I drew him when I was 9, his jaw parts looked like a mustache. Anthony is based off of a character I use to draw named Tony the Crocodile, he's a croco-sapien by the way. I came up with Apsass when I was inspired by my first glance at the Noid form those Domino's Pizza commercials, so I just had to come up with a leather faced bunny eared goon like this. Canite I came up with while I wanted to make something that was similar to a dog which turned out to be half alien. Aqua is another Cat-like humanoid who controls water at her will. Tuncan is another one of Goggles-in-pencil's characters, the mythology behind him is that he catches any rocket that is launched at him with one hand and throws it back at the one who shot it at him. Zyrxion is a monster related to Tuncan. He can spit out acid which spreads toward his enemies. I was looking at a certain tile setting on the floors and ceiling and got inspiration to come up with Iron Bird. Tenticon is another character I came up with based off of a toy that I made from a green Power Ranger Action figure and a part that goes with a mighty Max play set.
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