Naedenese Wolf-Beast Picture

Padawan Task No.2

theme: Jedi Pet

describtion: This creature is loosely based on a number of Terran (IE, from our own world of Earth)
creatures, including wolves and a mythological monster-cat with split tails. The monster cat supposedly had supernatural powers, and since the Wolf-Beast has the split-tail thing going on I figure it should be a Force-Sensitive creature. They're blind and generally hostile in nature, but incredibly loyal. If you can tame one, you've got a companion and guardian for the rest of your life.

Master`s comment: Dear padawan, for next picture I would recommend you to not use 3D background. Your pictures are sketchy and that doesn`t get together with 3D. I would like to know what technics do you use for coloring.
Even so I increased your class, because I like the describtion of the animal and value that you drew it even though you never did an animal before.
gained class: 1

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