Darragh Treasach - Magtech Inked Picture

Here's the character inked and as you see, he has a name now. It's an Irish name pronounced: Darragh (Da-ra) Treasach (Tre-sek).

Age: 19 (23 later on)
Hair: Not sure of color just yet, unfortunately leaning towards Cu Chulain from Fate/Stay Night.
Eyes: Brown
Magtech (Tentative name for technology): Lightning based plated arm, Twin daggers that can extend blade and hilt, Wood based bracelet that produces waves of thorny briars, and ancient arm that is based on Tyr, a nordic god of war, with usage slowly crystallizing his arm thus losing as Tyr had in Norse mythology. The arm can increase his strength and other physical attributes, can enhance strength further to produce shockwaves through his blades, energy blasts, and haven't figured out the rest of the abilities but they will be ones can only be used either a handful of times or once.
Nationality: Ogham (UK and parts of northern west Europe such as France and Belgium[also a ancient language of the celts rewritten as an OS for the technology])

Next is to color and further develop the character's background.
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