Sheridan McCarthy Picture

And I'm finally getting this man done as well!

This is Sheridan McCarthy, the oldest member in the little group and a unicorn. It's really hard to tell, though, since he hides his horn so well and his tail is never seen. He is also married and also very very GAY. Overall, I'm actually quite happy with his design and yes, I am aware that he looks a lot like another unicorn in two other people's gallery. Well, one of those unicorns came first and then it was Sheri, then the other one. But, both of the other ones were drawn first so, there is some resemblance, unfortunately.

I actually struggled quite a bit with Sheri as he is a male figure but, I'm pleased for the most part as he came out. Also, those glasses he only wears when he's reading. He's actually a very old unicorn and needs them since his eyes are starting to fail. (Yes, even mythological creatures need bifocals sometimes....)

Now, he can finally bother Althea about keeping her precious virginity.

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