Lara in Mictlan Picture


Lara looks deeply skeptical about the underworld.

So the culture and religion of Pike have basically done to Aztec, Incan, Olmec, and Mayan mythologies what Rome did to the Greeks and Egyptians, i.e. straight-up stolen various figures, mixed 'em up, added some of their own and gotten quite a bit wrong. In other words, since Lara died in a plague she went to Mictlan, an underworld with which she does not appear at all impressed, but therein she ends up meeting a deity that isn't actually Aztec, who helps her find her way out due to being a surprisingly chill sort of dude.

The shawl around her waist isn't technically part of the burial garb... it was her favorite one and Trell made sure she had it when she was buried, because like hell was he keeping his sister's favorite shawl around to be sold by her asshole husband.
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