It's a Skadi-based character Picture

Skadi being the Norse goddess of winter and skiing.

One day, I was messing about with the Superhero Team Generator, and came up with "International Gods." This caused my brain to go ona long trail of an idea, with characters who are the (re)incarnations of gods being gathered together to fight the (re)incarnations of evil gods. Eventually, the idea spread to mythological figures in general, just as an excuse to have Sun Wukong and Cuchulain wandering around.

However, all the character ended up being American. My excuse? This is just the American team, Canada, and Britain, and France, and all those other countries, they have their own teams. (Really, it was just a comfort zone thing. I'd hate to get some tiny cultural thing wrong or accidently write a stereotype).

H'anyway, this is the (re)incarnation of Skadi, Norse goddess of winter and skiing. She's not the nicest person in the world, but she is on the good side.

Oh, did I mention none of the characters have names yet?

(Man, that was probably the worst written thing ever)
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