Alien Gautama Fortune Cat Picture

The little kid across the street made a snow man and I thought it was only right that I rise to the occasion and make my own. By the time I got to the head I'd already found out that the little guy wanted a face and by the time we got to the antennae human wasn't even in the notion. I'm speculating that he's either an alien buddha or, more likely, one of those Japanese fortune cats (Okane-Neko?) -note the one upturned palm. Alien style of course.

By the time I started this it was already getting up towards melting temperature, so he developed some serious brow ridges to hold the pebble eyes in. I'm figuring he represents a snow deity and rather than bringing luck while he's in residence instead grants it when he departs to chillier climes.

I was going to stick him with a couple of candies and a handful of pennies, but something gave me the impression that being stingy with my quarters wasn't the best move when fortune gods are concerned
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