Into the Dark Picture

Ah, Scorpio. This card gave me the most trouble. Scorpio is actually the reason I decided to have the face cards inspired by the associated Tarot, because I could not figure out what to do with Scorpio. And then it turned out to be associated with Death, which was still a struggle to get it to fit into this deck. It's my sign and I think being so close to it makes it harder to portray for me.

So, last, but hopefully not least. Scorpio. Inspired by Death. Also the King of Diamonds. Based on Charon of Greek Mythology. I like playing with high contrast, bright lights and harsh shadows.

I like the Death card. Death and the Devil are probably the least understood cards because they evoke strong, negative emotions. Death is about endings, yes, but it also reminds us that every ending is a beginning. I don't know if I portrayed that well or not. The sun is meant to be rising, I based the color-scheme on pictures of sunrises, but it could also be read as setting- which gives a more somber feel.

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