Mr Scarecrow Picture

Hello there. I hope my friends didn't frighten you. They're rather strange, aren't they? Usually their kind are scared of me. What's your name? Hmm? Oh come now, there's no need to be scared. I won't hurt you, and neither will Manny or Hugh. Why I'll tell you my name first, if it'll make you more comfortable. They call me Mr Scarecrow. Now my dear, don't try to run or I'll have to stop you...


This was drawn almost a year ago, when I was in Cambodia- I loved it then and I still love it now. Anna and I even made up a story to go around him- it involved a trucker named Sid, lots of deals with death, a good dollop of revenge and plenty of straw. It was fun. Maybe it'll come to light one day. It's unlikely though.

Cookie if you can figure out why the two birds (yes, they are birds, and yes, I know I can't draw birds,
Drawn with 2B pencil, coloured in Adobe Photoshop CS2 with graphics tablet.
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