Marten Picture

Abistanooch (Marten, for short), from my fantasy/mythology serial Manitou Island [link] I used a tutorial I found here to try to draw him as I'm lousy at drawing my characters, especially humans; this isn't EXACTLY how I picture him, but it's close. (I need to figure out his hair though.)

Marten (named after the little woodland creature, of course) is a Mikumwesu, which is basically a type of Little Person (like elves, sprites, etc.). He appears as a small toddler-like child even though he's well over 300 years old, and some of his features are decidedly martenlike (as you can see by his ears, nose, sharp teeth, and harelip; I'm not sure if he should have whiskers or not). He also has a long fluffy tail and paws for hind feet, but dresses like a little human. He's a talented shapeshifter, although he can't change his shape without the help of the little red cap on his head.

Marten's talent is seeking out and creating "shortcuts" with which to travel between different lands/dimensions...though sometimes his shortcuts leave much to be desired. He's the near-constant companion of the powerful manitou Glooskap, and has gained all of his knowledge (some of it faulty) from him. He's sickeningly cheery and optimistic, and bizarrely naive sometimes, but a good source of comic relief.

Marten is from Micmac mythology, but this representation is copyrighted to me.
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