FireFox Pirate Flag Picture

Umm how to explain this... I was bored haha.
Pirate flag for my original character I guess. I like to use her in every fanfic I create in my head. I don't write them down since I figure it's too silly haha. She does/will have her own story though. Still working on that. But for now here this!
Don't ask about the sparrow. To complicated haha.
The red bandanna comes from Japanese mythology. The god Inari has foxes and they wear red bandannas around their necks. Simple as that.
And if you didn't figure it out, the kanji are "fire" and "fox". At least to my knowledge they are... It's possible I have been mislead haha.
Oh and the red line in the middle is a scar. My character has this scar. Yeah yeah it's like the scar Seifer from Final Fantasy VIII has, I know. But I think it's cool. If I had a scar on my face I would want it like that.

P.S. I agree with everybody else. New categories are far to confusing for my simple mind.
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