September Dump3 Picture

So the dude in the corner is just something I was messing with, no one special. Though the other stuff, yeah that's special. For a very long time I wanted my character Getsushin be a wielder of divine magic or something of those lines. Early ideas consisted of him being from a lineage of angels but I felt like that was a concept already used a lot, and kinda old. So what I decided later on, sense he's a genius, I figure at some point he made a contract with a deity, being part of the world's mythology I'm still sorting out, I figure "hey sense Final Fantasy has there own kinda line up on the stuff, and some the names don't match with the origins, why not do something like that?". So I came up with this idea of a thunder deity under the name Thanatos (originally a Greek demigod I think associated with death) and Getsushin gains additional powers through this deity. Hence why if you remember my last sketch dump on Getushin why you see similar elements from the 2.

I got the idea of the design from both Barnaby Brooks Jr's hero suit from Tiger and Bunny and got some inspiration from the monarch series from Yugioh.
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