Valkyrie 1 Picture

Okay, so this is a collage of two seperate pieces.

Valkyrie's the leader of the peaceful fight for mutant civil rights in the other world I created. She's often compared to MLK Jr. for her "Violence begets only violence" attitude and calm demeanor- she's also the sort that tends to the sick kids and elderly. No, really. No one's sure where she came from, she just sort of appeared, and what's more, she displays mutant abilities but they can't find a mutant gene in her DNA.

The back figure shows her armor. I was gonna scrap the drawing but Jeff (my sig. other) prodded me to color it. Hate the face, love everything else. I'm amazed that I can do armor AT ALL.

The front figure is a bust of her, showing her profile. Yeah, she looks a little more calm and collected. The armor piece was really only because (a) I love valkyries from Norse mythology, (b) I wanted to show why she's called Valkyrie and (c) just because she's peaceful doesn't mean she won't defend herself and others.

... I really hate the face on that back image. Ughu.
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