Gluttony Gula Picture

Gula is gluttony for spanish.

In the Dante's inferno poem, Gluttony has the 4th circle and the gluttons are punished for eternity to be lying on mud, under a cold rain and they have their mouths filled with mud too. In this circle is Cerberus too , the three headed dog from Greek mythology barking, bitting, gnarling and shattering the damned into shreds, also eating them.

For Dante, this was a metaphor of those who's lives had been all about getting more food that they could, just for pleasure, eating non stop as a dog. As they had all what they wanted in life in matters of food, now in the hellish aftherlife they are deprived of it.

Fun Fact: Ciacco, (Pig for Italian) the most iconic character Dante Allighieri depicts here, could had been a friend of his in Florence and/or a political figure known by being a glutton though who could had been this person in real life remains being a mystery. Some experts had remarked that due the nature of the poem,Ciacco could had been a political figure.

The orange color is attributed to gluttony, because in some paintings that were a message about gluttony had oranges in them and the reason of this is that oranges are sweet citric fruits , hard to get and a kind of food that was hard to preserve due the short time they last before getting evidence of rot. So people had to be quick to consume them.

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