Claire O'Chaun Picture

-Claire O’Chaun


-Claire is one of Nocturne's six Lieutenants, all of which represent a holiday and a figure from Celtic mythology. Claire represents Oktoberfest, a German which became popular in Ireland. Nocturne considers this holiday to coincide with his own and has placed it under the umbrella of "his" holidays. His reasoning being that drinking is and always has been a celebrated Halloween/Samhain passtime. As for the Celtic mythological figure that she represents: Claire is a Clurichaun, an Irish drinking spirit. Her name is actually derived from the word "clurichaun".

Physical Description:
-Claire is a shorter, but beautiful and proportioned woman with pink skin and fair golden hair tied into two pigtails. She is garbed in an orange blouse, purple girdle/corset, and green skirt all assembled into a beer maid’s dress, complete with thigh-high garters with ribbons and black platform heels. Her face is always flushed from the alcohol she consumes. She carries as weapons two huge Jack-o’-Lantern shaped steins.

-Claire is a loud and hearty lass, despite her small stature. She is constantly drinking from the two enormous steins she carries with her. When the need for combat arises, she bash her enemies with her steins as though they were hammers. She is good humored, even if that humor (like of things Nocturne has created), is a dark one.

-Getrunken: drinks from her steins to increase her strength and defense, but lowers intellect and luck.
-Berauschen: throws her drink at an opponent, intoxicating them.
-Prost!: bashes an opponent with her steins.
-Getränk Wut: drinks a large amount of alcohol to enter a berserker state.
-Letze Ruf: summons some of Nocturne's lesser minions to assist her.


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