Apollo Ashford Picture

Fanart for a defunct old RPG group, Gargoyles: Resurrection - he was one of, if I recall, five British gargoyles whose main fondness in life was sitting around drinking beer and watching the rugby. For this reason alone I remember the Ashfords with no small amount of fondness. (I loved them desperately - the RPG was fun all around, actually. I played a terribly hippie party-tard called Idunn who was constantly boiling up tins of condensed milk - yes, they were all called after mythological figures. We had an Artemis, an Odin, Hephaestos and... I forget, it's been a while.)

Um. His hand looks deformed, and I got hideously lazy with the wings (yes, they're those splotches in the background), and I think he has madass childbearin' hips, but I loved the colouring on this. I've never been able to recreate it.

Pencil-drawn, CG colouring with Photoshop Elements.

Apollo © Pither
Gargoyles © Buena Vista.
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