Oriel LaCroix Picture

Oriel "Oriole" LaCroix, from my fantasy/mythology serial Manitou Island [link] I used a tutorial I found here to try to draw her as I'm lousy at drawing my characters, especially humans; this isn't EXACTLY how I picture her, but it's close.

Oriel is the daughter of voyageur Francois LaCroix and his deceased first wife, Angelique. While Francois was away and when Oriel was little, enemy Indians came and killed her pregnant mother and carried Oriel off. She was renamed Oriole, for her red hair, and lived amongst them for years until it was let slip that her real father was still alive. She made her way to Manitou Island and was thus reunited with him. I'm now toying with the idea of making her the love interest of...Moon Wolf! Dum-dum-dummm!

Perhaps it's her red hair that makes Francois think of Charmian as a daughter figure.
Oriel LaCroix is copyrighted to me.
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