Luminyte Avatar Rhau'zor Picture

The first Avatar, Rhau’zor is possibly the most revered figure in the Luminyte mythology, second only to their god Aman’Solaris. Prior to becoming the Avatar, he was a disciple at the Sanctum of the Ancients, and was know for his foolhardy behavior, but also for his courage and strong willpower. After Charas’drulls‘ sealing and Luminias’ shattering, he helped lead his people through the galaxy, in search of a new home. It was during this journey that they stumbled upon the primitive Earth, and decided to explore it. Rhau’zor say potential in humankind, and decided to leave a gift behind: the Avatars’ powerful essence.
After departing from Earth, and finally securing a new home for his people, the Avatar bid farewell, and faded away, as his mission was complete.
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