Elements Picture

Made with: azaleasdolls.com/four_elements…

I came across this game and had so much fun playing with the outfits, I figured I might as well post my favourite combinations. In the midst of my playing, though, each character came to have her own personality. No idea if they're mythological sisters, friends, or royalty of different nations entirely, but anyway.
Water is a quiet and kind princess, but will not hesitate to rise and protect her realm. Fire, is impetuous and a fierce warrior princess who will not only defend her people, but lead them a few wars of her own. Air is the maturest of the group and has a flair for international relations, balanced with some fun in between. Earth is the most peaceful princess of the four, minding her own business as much as possible, tending her land, and taking joy in the simplicity of things.
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