Valkyrie's Steed Picture

So, I was watching the Appendices of the ROTK extended edition, and they started talking about winged helmets. I immediately thought: Valkyries.

Now, Valkyries are, in my personal opinion, some of the most ridiculous figures in all of mythology. Think about it: Huge, busty women with blonde braids riding winged horses and wearing armor that would never, ever protect some of their more... sensitive areas in battle, riding around taking dead bits of vikings off to their great Afterlife Feasting Halls.

So I, with this in mind, set out to create a picture displaying the foolishness of such a notion.

And I never got around to the actual Valkyrie. I liked the horse too much to put anyone in front of him. Anyway. I'll be coloring this soon. And then it'll be in my deviation gallery. And that's all, really...
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