Celestial Jaguar - Preliminary work Picture

I meant to post this for a long time - at least, to tell what's been keeping me busy and off DA for so long. This was done for a commission for LysanderXen who asked me to draw a character he made for a RPG. She is a Jaguar Knight, the Celestial Jaguar from Aztec mythology. I'll give more details on her history in the final submission. The sketches on the left were made in order to figure out the character - her face, her body shape, her clothing and gear - the jaguar headdress was a tough one! On the right is the drawing I'm currently working on, in its early stage. The pose is based on a photo from this account - sadly, the pic is in storage as the account is being closed (which is a shame, her stock pics are really awesome).

To be continued...
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