Aran Soren Picture

Estimated Creation: 2000 (?)
Reference: none that I know of
Medium: sketched, scanned, and the coloured in with JASC Paint Shop Pro

I was really proud of this when I created it. I have never been very good at drawing the male figure (or face, or anything male-related for that matter). This was something I considered a success because he didn't look too overly feminine.

Aran was a character in a story I was toying with throughout high school. In this story, all the characters were based loosely off people I knew, and then I expanded on it from there. Aran was based off my ex-boyfriend, who was a gymnast and incidentally ended up being gay. Aran was a fae in the story. He was a bit of a nomad who traveled around with a laptop and a satellite uplink. I'm sure that there is something incredibly incongruent with the character and fae mythology... but I was a teenager and it was my Mary Sue story so it's allowed to suck and be as dumb and incongruent as it wants!
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