Einmyria Picture

An OC of mine based on a figure from Norse Mythology, Einmyria, who was the child of Loki and his first wife, Glut. They are sibling to Eisa.

Their name means 'ashes' so my OC is a superhuman who exists as a sentient ash cloud, who can only achieve corporeal form when wearing a specific set of clothes. They can also turn others into ash if they need to.

With medical bills from her father's illness mounting, Eisa and Einmyria's mother became desperate and got in with the sharks trying to save her husband. When she didn't deliver, the sharks decided to take something as recompense and an arson attack was carried out on the family house, trapping her children inside. Both died that night but were offered a second chance at life, and the power to exact revenge on the men who can killed them, in return for something from them. In Einmyria's case, it was her sight.
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