Sketching ON! #5 Picture

Believe it or not, this page here was actually used in two different ON! meetings PLUS Gray's own artistic endeavors (clearly seen on the left side of the page). On the top, we were actually discussing other possible arcs for ON!, which would be amazing, considering we can pull off so many puns over Mythology and video-games, mainly due to me being an expert on lore and myth, and Gray being the game-addict he is.

The bottom and middle-right part were us trying to figure out Full-Sync Kami/Ringo fusion, which became known as "Celestial Kami". Yep, that's its name. I think it turned out great. Remember Skethching ON! #3, when I referenced the first version of it? yep, that's now the normal fusion mode, seen as I can't be bothered with little details like "What's the main form of their fusion gonna be?". Just sayan'.
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