raijin, fujin, and aki-wip0004 Picture

working on the textures. i'm laying out the uvs on the other two models but i'm in the middle of texturing this big guy. i looked at the traditional pictures of these mythological figures. fujin is supposed to be the darker one, that's why raijin's a lot lighter here. right now as far as textures go, i've still gotta add shadows to the face & muscles, shine highlights on the beads, hand straps, straps for those kneepads, details underneath his hands, maybe some more detail on the drum, and then tattoos & other minute details. just looking for thoughts on it so far. the texture is 2048x2048 in ps but i reduce it to 1024x1024 for the model. any other details i might be missing?
(game model made in maya)
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