Aiyoku eki Picture

In Norse mythology she was called Freya leader of the Valcryes, in egypt she was called Neith or Bast, in Greese she was feared as Athena, and Morrigan in the ireland. While always hailed as a Goddess to who she would ally her self with only her enemies could see what she really was. An Oni war Princess who crushed demon an deity alike. She started off human, as most oni were but a man who she loved deeply betrayed her for a woman who was more filled out than her. It was out of bitterness, rage, hate, and lust she was changed into a bountiful figure of desire and destruction. The man who she once desired before her change was no longer up to her standard while he was left begging for even a warm smile from her. For ages she will fight to quell her fire in her search for a man who is worth her time.
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