The start of many doodles Picture

So I FINALLY managed to get my stuff together and get ahold of my scanner. Sure it took a lot of wrestling, and I have yet to figure out how to un- tilt it so I won't have viewers looking and suddenly become owls just to see what in blazes is going on : P

So yeah, satyrs...
the idea came to me as a realization that, when you think about it...satyrs are kinda like the frat boys of mythology hehe more to come on that later :]

dialogue starting with the crouching red two before the shop;
"He came in looking for condoms, iced coffee, and a gas tank. I need to be where he's going."

and then at the corner, the one with the hand over his eye;
" "Almost passed out on my way to class today...laid down near a construction sight, bad idea."

dialogue taken from the site
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