Black Cadejo WIP Picture

After being sent many different kinds of mythological creatures by my friends, I finally settled on the Cadejo. There's a basic story around it, a few questionable abilities, but that's otherwise it. Not only does it give me a lot of creative freedom as a writer, but just imagine the kinds of stories that could be made up with a Cadejo. So after I finish BlackBlood, I'm gonna start my new story. I still have a couple chapters left in BlackBlood, though, so no rush. Anyways, this is the Black Cadejo. I gave him a name for a reason. I'll explain that in my latest journal. He really isn't much different from the White Cadejo, aside from the fur colour. Both have red eyes, furry figure, and goat hooves. Both also have a chain around their neck. Their markings are in different spots and the White Cadejo doesn't have a dragon tattoo. I hope you like it.
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