LuchaQuest test page Picture

As a sneak peak, here't the second page (the first page is a non narrative, mythology introducing hieroglyphics style page, while comic's chosen style first appears in this one), minus dialogue (you'll see dialogue in the final copy, when it's posted on the site). As a quick explanation, my process is to draw it by hand in pencil, scan and enhance the lines, clean it up and remove the color, which leaves an outline on a transparent layer. I then color behind the outline, and that's what you get here. Starting with the pencil drawing, this took me about 7 or 8 hours.

Also, the last panel at the bottom, with the fight breaking out, isn't narrative, it's just detailing the background of the cantina. In the final copy it's blurred a bit, but I figured I'd post a version with the details intact.
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