Me Draw Good Picture

I've realised that I'm becoming a mythological figure of sorts here on DA. You'll see me in more and more comics by other people, and really, I love it.

I know, I'm usually being pounded by soda machines, or being experimented on....or worse....but it's kinda weird in a good way. When someone posts a DA comic and there isn't some 4-eyed-freak with a game t-shirt in it, I die a little inside
Really, this picture was originally going to be me drawing myself into one of ~HeatherBomb's comics (which is why she's here), but I decided against it.

*indiochink is here just because she's the one doing most of the Andy torture comics
Atleast when cartoon Andy gets a feature film and hit series on the Cartoon Network, you can say you knew the man behind the chibi.

*Illustrator CS
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