PF- Angels and Demons Picture

PF (Perfectly Flawed) has it's own world separate from my other stories, so i decided to separate it more by creating unique species based off of the mythology that i was already using. in PF i have shifters, werecreatures, angels, demons, etc. i figured i should actually plan out the species before i toss them in or i might get more of the confusion like i have between the Werecreatures and Shifters...

i'm working on making one of these for the Flawed too, but they're going to be kind of hard because of the amount of differences in the group. truely, they wouldn't last as a species with all the incontinuality, but the angel and demon societies didn't want the hybrids messing with their names, so the mutts got stuck with a new name, the Flawed.

PF, art, and ideas are all copyright me
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