Biznip WIP 1A Picture

This is a character of mine that I have named "Biznip;" got the name off a goblin shaman from Warhammer Online, and figured that it was a good fir for this feneec fox vixen. When the image is finished, there will be three images of Biznip: Lucid, Bezerk, and... um... I don't know, maybe Lusty? And trust me on this, you'd like 'lucid' Biznip the best, given that she "does not look cute when angry" and that unless she's bound with whever the Fenris wolf was bound with in Norse mythology, your fun bits will be pounded and ground to dust by her "enthusiasm." Did I mention she's an adult that's only half the normal size, but still has the same amount of mass? Yep, she's quite molecularly dense. Can't really swim either (and thus tends to avoid bathing, though to be honest, even if she bathed twice a day, she still has a natural odor that most people would find on the unpleasent side of odd). Anyways, enjoy!
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