Styx - Original Picture

This is the original concept of a comic strip I might start called Styx. It'll be some kind of stick figure dramatic action thing...if I decide to make it. Here's my idea so far:

A corporation known as Hades hires a man to act as an assassin to eliminate their competition. They gave this man the codename Kharon (the name of the ferryman of the river Styx). Eventually, Hades lets him go, but his killing instinct refuses to accept this, so he decides to take his revenge. He begins taking out important people within the Hades corporation one by one, working his way to the top. As he gets higher and higher through the ranks, he begins to piece together information that shows what the Hades corporation is really up to.

(if you haven't guessed yet, this strip would have a bunch of references to Greek mythology)

More of this stuff can be seen here: [link]
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