Scraps 57 Picture

More doodles.

Upper-left: A Rezbot for my game I'm in the process of story writing for Zyrick.
Lower-left: Argallus Tain - A dream guardian. Inspiration while driving through 4 states. And the final touch when I forgot to put a shoe on.
Upper-center: Vivi, Star, & Koal. 3 siblings that play a bit part in an RP that I've been writing for over a year with a friend.
Center-center: Kael Zorr - An Undead Cheetah warrior, seeking a duel with the man who killed him.
Upper-Right: Syphus: My hybrid guardian. A creation of the goddess, Aphrodite, in another RP with same friend. Just exploring a Roman/Greek mythological side.
Lower-right corner: Greedy Scientist: (no name yet. Or I forgot. I have it somewhere.)
To the left of Greedy Scientist: Zyrick, and an attempt to figure out what he looks like under the wraps. (not there yet)
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