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The old gods exist. They know about one another, they’re aware of each other’s scriptures, and they’re aware of pop culture. And they’re not happy.

So here it is at last, the big ol’ comic project I’ve been secretly working on for the past few months. Still I my mythology kick, I figured that since pop culture was putting old gods in strange places AGAIN it was about time someone posted something from their point of view. The result is this. Yes I know I’ve done a very similar gag before, but this is the big one, as it were. As in, I’ve actually put effort into this. Plus, you know, there are gods in it. So this is technically my way of honouring the old gods (I’m pagan, so shoot me).

In the artist comments for each of these, I’ll go through some of the references and the reasons for my interpretations of the deities (so yeah, lots of rambling). I tried as much as possible to base my versions on the myths, but there will be a certain amount of my own personal (rather eclectic) beliefs in there too. As for the choices of individual gods, I wanted to use deities that I not only felt a connection with (who’d be less likely to hate me) but ones who had good reason to be upset. Some deities have been misrepresented but I don’t think they’d be too bothered: Dionysus, for example, gets a bad rep, but as god of theatre I don’t think he’d mind strange adaptations. Others, like say Zeus, have better things to worry about than silly humans. Most of the deities in this will be Greek, Egyptian or Norse, partly because I’m most familiar with them and their cultures and I can, hopefully, do them justice, and partly because they tend to appear in pop culture most frequently. I’ve deliberately left out “modern” gods (even though, say, Hindu deities get all sorts of nonsense) because I have no right to appropriate contemporary cultures.

Annyway, we start off with meeting out master of ceremonies, Hermes. Why him? Well, it seemed logical. From a purely functional point of view, he’s a wandering messenger so who better to bring stroppy letters from gods of various pantheons. Character-wise, he’s fairly friendly with humanity, but he’s got connections with gods from other pantheons too, if you believe the descriptions of other contemporary cultures in Graeco-Roman histories. My version of Hermes is a bit cheeky and he really likes breaking the fourth wall. I based his appearance as closely as possible on Greek images of him, so of course he’s got his wide-brimmed winged hat, cloak, tunic and those famous winged sandals. I left out his cadeus staff because it made poses a bit of a pain. The colour palette needed to be practical but somehow divine, so I added a flash of blue through the tunic and some gold edging. I’m quite proud of this page, I was having fun.

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