Charmian 2 Picture

Charmian, from my fantasy/mythology serial Manitou Island [link] I used a tutorial I found here to try to draw her as I'm lousy at drawing my characters, especially humans; this isn't EXACTLY how I picture her, but it's close. If you think she resembles Sakura from Naruto, that's both purposeful and accidental. I had Charmian pictured in my head before I'd ever seen the manga; but when I saw Sakura's character I thought she was the closest I'd seen to what I imagined Charmian looking like.

Charmian (last name never given) is a human girl who is transported to an interdimensional island, Manitou Island, where all sorts of strange spirits live, as well as people from various centuries--Late Woodland Anishnabe Indians, Colonial-era voyageurs and soldiers, Victorian-era gentility, etc. Over the course of her time staying on the Island she learns to harness her own powers over elements (in particular she's good at manipulating fire), as well as meets various figures from Ojibwa/Chippewa mythology and keeps saving the Island from total annihilation. Cripes. It's tough being a teenager.

Charmian is copyrighted to me.
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