Lol lrn2pants Picture

Even after living for thousands of years, Anatolia still has a bit of trouble getting herself properly dressed in modern fashion. Dresses and skirts and the like are easy, but shorts and pants are apparently very difficult to comprehend.
Besides, I thought it was cute.
See? It's funny, because she spent her whole life wearing either a skirt/dress or nothing at all, and she can't figure out how to wear a pair of shorts. Geddit?
Anyways, I figured I could upload this one. Besides, it kinda gives a bit of insight into Anatolia's mind. She's smart, she just lacks common sense.

"Pockets on my crotch for my hands? Brilliant!"



*I guess this goes under Fantasy and Mythology? The Myth of the Dreaded Pants of Balranok! 2spooky4me
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