+In For Life+ Picture

This is my current WIP; I'm planning on coloring it in, as soon as I decide on a medium, it's between pencil and prismacolor markers, I'm leaning towards pencil but I dunno. *shrug* I might see how it looks in both by copying the drawing. So yeah...it's a tree man, I know his hair is a little hard to see, but yeah...I figured there wasn't really a place to put him other than in fantasy. While I was drawing it it reminded me a little of Yggdrasil, the giant ash tree that was the foundation of the universe in Norse mythology. Then again there's no serpent and it's roots to reach to Niflheim. But I just thought of it, along with Ragnarok by Myung-Jin Lee; Eve of Apocalypse when Skurai defeats Kyugesu using the cursed blade Talatsu. Enough Norse mythology get going the lot of you!

pencil on 65lb paper
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