Azazel, Dark Prince of Wrath Picture

The last piece done for a Seven Deadly Sins series I did in my High School Art Class. It's ostensibly for Wrath, but I decided it would be fun to show all the other Demon Princes too. Azazel is a figure in Jewish mythology that hangs out in the desert and is annually given a goat on Yom Kippur as a symbolic way to purge the community of all their sins. Aside from that, the mythology is pretty vague, but everyone seems to agree that Azazel is one bad mother. In my universe, Azazel is the name of the Antichrist, a force of chaos and destruction that is reincarnated into our world every other century. The little girl is the Antichrist's current host, a monster hunter named Ellie Grimsby. The reason for the sour expression on her face is because she doesn't want to hang out with a bunch of psychopathic demons. The scythe is because her dad is the Grim Reaper. The yellow polka dot dress is because I thought it'd be funny.
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