Caladbolg Picture

I drew this shit years ago, I just figured i'd submit something that isn't a t-shirt. It's supposed to Caladbolg (or Caladcholg. Whatever.), the sword of Fergus Mac Roich, a hero figure in Irish mythology. A two handed sword, it was apparently able to cut the tops off of hills in a single swing, which makes you wonder how every hill in Ireland doesn't have a flat top. It also apparently made a rainbow every time it was swung, making it the most FAB-U-LOUS sword in any mythology ever.

MEDIA: Paper. That's it. Not some fancy poncy prancy papyrus made from Tibetan monks. It's fucking paper. And pencil. Maybe a HB? Who fucking knows? And coloured pencil. Yeah, can't forget that. I'm sorry that it's not Photoshopped (IT NEEDS FUCKING LENS FLARE, DOES IT?) and not some professional shit scanned by a professional scanner to make every single line stand out, but I really, really, really, REALLY cannot emphasise how much I cannot be arsed investing money in that sort of thing.

It's copyrighted by me, but who cares because it's crap. I would say that Caladbolg is copyright Fergus Mac Roich, but he's a mythical figure. I would say it's copyright of Ireland, but if they have any opposition to this they'd just car bomb me anyway.
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