Spirit of the Trees Picture

Like I said in my 'Frodo and the Ring' picture, all my pictures are influenced by something. In this case, it was a mixture of the B.C. forests and Loreena McKennit's 'The Mummer's Dance'. Also, I suppose, my knowledge of Greek Mythology.

The figure that you see coming out of the tree is a Greek Dryad. A Dryad, in Greek mythology, was a nymph of the trees and forests. In early legend, each dryad was born with a certain tree over which she watched. She lived inside the tree, and was essentially the tree itself. When the tree died, she died.

Yet another picture I did on my vacation to B.C.

(And yes, I attempted to draw a background, and then realized I can't draw good trees, and left the rest as fog. I was planning on making everything foggy, so it worked in anyways.
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