Horned Serpent Picture

"The Horned Serpent appears in the mythologies of many Native Americans. Details vary among tribes, with many of the stories associating the mystical figure with water, rain, lightning and/or thunder.", says wikipedia.

"Those who know say the Uktena is a great snake, as large around as a tree trunk, with horns on its head, and a bright blazing crest like a diamond on its forehead, and scales glowing like sparks of fire. It has rings or spots of color along its whole length, and can not be wounded except by shooting in the seventh spot from the head, because under this spot are its heart and its life. (...) for whoever is seen by the Uktena is so dazed by the bright light that he runs toward the snake instead of trying to escape. As if this were not enough, the breath of the Uktena is so pestilential, that no living creature can survive should they inhale the tiniest bit of the foul air expelled by the Uktena. Even to see the Uktena asleep is death, not to the hunter himself, but to his family." , says wikipedia about the Uktena, a horned serpent that was venerated by the cherokee Indians.

This was started off in school with a black ballpoint, then colored with color pencils (the rings) and black ink (the background), which was washed out with water for the brighter part around the snkae. Then I made a row of neon spots on the snakes body with acrylics, but I didn't like it so I went over it with permanent marker. I went over the black parts of the skakes body with charcoal to cover up the blue-reddish shine from the ballpoint pen, but when the sunlight hits it it still glows red. I actually wanted to make all the rings of one color, but then a friend saw the sketch and said oh, is that the rainbow snake? which gave me the idea of making all the rings in rainbow color, which I like since the horned serpent is associated with rain and storms, and after the storm comes the rainbow.

This was done for the 100 creatures challenge [link]
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