Untitled Picture

I have no name for this yet but this features the three main benevolent kaiju/tokusatsu that exist in "The White Lamp" universe (I'll be posting the short story shortly). From biggest to smallest, you have Dakuwaqa, Golem, and White Jinn (the first two are kinda my version of Godzilla and a pacific rim Jaeger). Dakuwaqa is a Fijian, shapeshifting shark deity that's given up his ability to change form to take up a powerful, 125m monster form in order to protect humanity from the sudden onslaught of mythological kaiju. Golem is a 104m hybrid modern science and ancient, Hebrew magic that was intended as a militerized weapon but was given self awareness by White Jinn and now fights along side her. Last but not least, you have the White Jinn, human turned 91.44m Jinn who gains strength from a mysterious energy that her master (the tiny figure standing on those rocks) channels into the white lamp. I'll color this shortly and the designs of Dakuwaqa and Golem are subject to change.

Comments and suggestions for design improvements are welcome (I should not that Golem's appearance is a mix of Roman and ancient Israeli armor).
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