Phooka Picture

The mythology:
They are shape shifting tricksters. They find fun in tricking humans and scaring them. As you can see in their true form it would be easy enough. However you have little to fear from them, since they don’t like to actually KILL humans, just spoke them. It can hurt you badly, though, if you make fun of it. There favorite thing to eat is black berries. Interestingly though they are masters at transformation and can speak almost any language (including animal). Something they transform into are, cats, dogs, the like the horse form of kelpies, often using this form and sending the riders on a wild (yet not killing them) ride.

I love phookas personally. I plan on having one in a fantasy book I’m writing. Originally my friends said it was very scary looking so I made him seem less mean by making him play with some sprites. (Yes those little stick figures with bumblebee wings are sprites)

Please tell me what you liked and/or didn’t like.
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